Andorra : Double Tax Treaties and Tax Information Exchange Agreements

In recent years Andorra has significantly reformed its system of taxation to meet international  standards and obligations as a compliant jurisdiction. In addition to the Agreements and Treaties set out below Andorra is a member of the international Inclusive Framework on BEPS (Base Erosion and Profits Shifting).

The following Double Tax Treaties have been signed and are either currently in force or awaiting final ratification:

Andorra-France DTA – Signed and ratified. Effective from 1 July 2015

Andorra-Liechtenstein DTA  – Signed 30 September 2015. Ratified and effective from 21 November 2016

Andorra-Luxembourg DTA - Signed 2 June 2014 effective from 7 March 2016

Andorra-Malta DTA - Signed 20 September 2016 currently subject to ratification by both states

Andorra-Portugal DTA - Signed on 27 September 2015. Ratified and effective from 23 April 2017

Andorra-Spain DTA - Signed and entered into force on 26 February 2016

Andorra-United Arab Emirates DTA - Signed 28 July 2015. Effective from 1 August 2017

In addition to these treaties, it has been reported that Andorra has entered into negotiations with Belgium, The Netherlands and the Czech Republic. The Andorran government has also indicated that it intends to negotiate DTA’s with Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

Tax Information Exchange Agreements

In June 2014 Andorra committed to the OECD Declaration on Automatic Exchange of Information on Tax Matters requiring it to implement the single global standard on the automatic exchange of information. As such Andorra has introduced legislation to put in place the Common Reporting Standard, with reporting starting in 2018.

Andorra has also completed the following Tax Information Exchange Agreements (TIEA’s) all of which are in force: 

Argentina   Australia   Austria   Belgium   Czech Republic   Denmark   Faroe Islands   Finland   France Germany   Greenland   Iceland   Italy   Liechtenstein   Monaco  Netherlands  Norway   Poland   Portugal   San Marino   South Korea    Spain   Sweden   Switzerland

A draft TIEA with Ukraine has been approved for execution by the Ukrainian parliament.


as at 28.08.2017