Andorra Company Formation

Why set up a business in Andorra ? (Company incorporation benefits in Andorra)
Key advantages of setting up a business in Andorra are the country's low taxation and low operational costs (read more about Taxation in Andorra here).

In addition, the requirements for setting up your business or running your business in Andorra are modest.

How to set up a business in Andorra ? (Rosemont International’s company incorporation services in Andorra)
We offer a wide range of services and can help you from the early stage in the Company formation:
  • Assistance to choose the right type of business structures in Andorra (Learn more about types of Andorran Company formations)
  • Company incorporation in Andorra:  the incorporation of a local company, the application for specific business licenses
  • Liaison with bankers: as of the opening of a corporate bank account for your Andorran company

Running your business in Andorra (Going beyond the company incorporation in Andorra)
After the formation of your company in Andorra, Rosemont International can assist you throughout the life of your business, to help you in the development of your activities and in exploring new markets in Andorra, Europe and globally: 
  • Residence, visas and immigration in Andorra;
  • Employment matters;
  • Contractual assistance for your Andorran company;
  • Structuring business ownership, E-commerce structuring, Intellectual Property Ownership in Andorra;
  • Cross-border tax planning, Exchange of Information for Tax Purposes, CRS in Andorra;
  • Corporate governance for company in Andorra;
  • Shareholders Agreements in Andorra;
  • Estate and Succession Planning in Andorra;
  • Family Office support in Andorra;
  • Tax compliance in Andorra;
  • Liaison with accountants and auditors in Andorra.

If you need assistance with company incorporation in Andorra, please contact your local Rosemont office.

We can arrange company formation or company incorporation in various jurisdictions. For more information, please visit our page dedicated to our Company Formation services.